Ooty’s Scooters

(805) 964-8101
5708 Hollister Ave, Goleta, CA

OOTY’S SCOOTERS is a family owned local business since 2007.
We all ride scooters – we’re scooter commuters!
We offer complete service and parts for every scoot we sell.
Every scooter comes with free delivery, free cargo box, free helmet, free tune-ups, 12 to 24 month warranty and DMV registration included.

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2 Responses to “Ooty’s Scooters”

  1. Brian says:

    Do not buy a Lance Scooter at Ooty’s scooters!! They are defective products. In the 4 months I have had mine I have had to take it in to fix starter issues 5 times with a wide range of problems including damages due to California gasoline, corroborator issues, and electrical issues. I have only ridden 350 miles on it because it only starts half the time and when it does it takes 5 minutes on the starter to do so. Please Please read reviews of Lance Scooters before you but one so you are at least informed that you will be throwing your money away.

  2. Chris says:

    We are sorry that this customer has had these problems with his scooter. We finally found and repaired the fault in the wiring – the scooter runs well now. After selling over 300 Lance scooters in this last year, we have found them to be very reliable and problem free, as our many happy customers tell us! The would hardly be judged as “defective products” .
    Our goal is to provide affordable alternative transportation, and to take care of our many customers.

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